We’re ready for the snow – a major birthday with lots of hag fun!

Ready for winter

Scott just texted me the picture this morning.  All the lake ‘stuff’ is on land, the leaves are mulched and we’re ready for the snow!  The picture looks like summer, but don’t be fooled.  The temps have been quite cool in the low 30’s.

I’ve had the good fortune of being in Naples for all of the hard work – I’m pretty lucky!

Sister Sue and Brianna and company have been helping Scott out with Clydie watching.  Sue and Bear have come to our place, so it’s extra easy for Clydie.  He and Bear get along just fine, and Sue gets to hang out in Cromwell, who could ask for more!!  Seriously, we appreciate the help with him.  He doesn’t like going to the kennel, so this is great.

I have just survived a major birthday.  The hags all came to Florida for a fun-filled celebration that we won’t forget for a while.  Thank heavens for our dedicated sober cabs, Jessica and Diane.  We only got a warning on one of our fun nights, and no one ended up in jail 🙂  We had a blast, I couldn’t have asked for a better time, or better friends to celebrate with.  We went on a manatee/shelling trip which was awesome and went to Goodland to Stan’s for some Sunday dancing and revelry.  Loads of fun and laughs.

Hags on a Manatee tour


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