Chalk Paint Project

I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint (not blackboard paint) on a piece of furniture.  The strawberry cabinet used to be Scott’s Mom’s.  Since I’m not crazy about strawberries, I thought this would be the perfect piece.  I also have room for it in our entry way.  It’s perfect to hold Clydie’s brushes and dog treats. Here is the ‘before’ Strawberry Cabinet   I looked online for all the chalk paint options.  The most expensive was Annie Sloan’s at 34.95 a quart – yikes!  Plus factor in shipping and tax – way too rich for my blood.  I found several home-made recipes and the one I picked used regular paint and calcium carbonate.  I got the paint at Lowe’s in their sale pile for 2.50 and the calcium carbonate, from Amazon for about 3.75 a bottle.  I mixed them 2 paint to 1 calcium carbonate.  I mixed up 1/2 quart (2 cups) and 1 cup cc.  It mixed easy and was a treat to use. IMG_0837   The only prep work I did was wipe the cabinet down.  The strawberries were decals, so I was a little concerned that they would show through, but after 3 quick drying coats, it looks great.  I love the smooth finish.  I used about half of the paint I mixed up.  I purchased a new knob and some Washi tape for a little interest.  I also put a bit of gold on the trim.  It looks pretty good and the beauty of washi tape is I can remove it if I want.  Here’s the finished product.  I finished it with a couple of coats of wax and it’s good to go. IMG_0841

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