Summer 2015

This has been one of our warmest summers in a long time!  Well, now it’s near the end of August and it’s very fall-like, and has been for at least a week, I can’t begrudge our lovely July.

Since I’ve become so lazy with my posting, I figured I’d try to wrap up a few events over the summer –

May – I got back here from Naples around the 15th or so.  I drove Blackie up since Scott needed his lathe that he purchased in Florida.  Had a great Mother’s Day at Gordy’s – got flowers from Chloe – how sweet!  Memorial Day brought our season opener birthday, Oliver – he’s 10 this year – wow!  Had a birthday party for him here with lots of fun!

In June I flew down to Texas for Sami’s graduation party.  What a blast at Nancy’s – Bree and Chris and the kids drove down and went to 6 Flags again.  Good times for all!  We attended Joni’s son, Nathan’s wedding in the cities – lots of laughs with the hags and the photo booth (especially liked the photo bomber, Jessica)IMG_0176

July – 4th of July was great fun again.  The weather was perfect!  Chris and Dave put on quite the firework show.  Scott had to go up to Grand Marais to fix their CT Scanner, bummer for him.


Harper, Bumpa, Ollie and Rowan
Harper, Bumpa, Ollie and Rowan
Chloe and Zack
Scott - first time waterskiing in 30 years!
Scott – first time waterskiing in 30 years!

The following week wasn’t so great – we decided to have Clydie put down.  He had been having a difficult time getting around with his old hips.  Scott fed him snacks while a vet and some kind neighbors came over to our place.  He’s now on our mantle with his paw prints.  He was 14 years old  – what a great dog!

R.I.P. Clydie
R.I.P. Clydie


Hags on the ferry
Hags on the ferry

Next up was a Hag adventure to Joni’s near Bayfield, WI.  Another fun time – great weather – lots of laughs.  We took the ferry to Madelline Island.  Cheryl and I rented scooters and buzzed around the island a bit.  Good day!

August – Happy birthday month to all you August birthday babies – Jake, Kate and the rest of you.  I babysat Rowan, Griffin, Harper, and Ollie for a few days.  We had a Duluth adventure as well as a trip to Gordy’s.  I forget how much work they are (maybe I’m just getting older)!!  We went to Jim and Bonita’s for a party with our Naples friends.  That was a food fest and lots of laughs.

Kids at Gordy's
Kids at Gordy’s

IMG_0298 IMG_0299

There’s more to come this month, so hang on!!

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