Brianna and Chris Stevens!

Well, I had another kid – no labor, no bad teenager phase, just a full grown kid!!  Welcome Chris to our family.  Brianna and Chris got married Sat Nov 7th.  It was the most organized event I’ve been to in a long time.  Bree was beautiful – All of the bridesmaids were beautiful.  Harper was beautiful.  Just a beautiful event.

Chris and Brianna Nov 7th 2015
Chris and Brianna Nov 7th 2015

Here’s the pictures Scott took.  There’s quite a few nice ones.   Brianna and Chris Album

Here’s how it went – Friday day – I picked up the flowers to make the boutonnieres for the guys.  Next mani’s-pedi’s at QNails in Duluth.  Lunch at Grandma’s.  Scott picked up his tux with Jake.   Back to GG’s to make the place tags.  Scott and I checked into Sheraton (next door to Greysalon Plaza).  Off to Groom’s dinner at VIP pizza in Superior.  Decorated that – rehearsal, then pizza and salad.  Excellent food and fun to meet Chris’s family.

Saturday – Hair appt’s at 9:00 – Duo-Tones in West Duluth.  I picked up some Taco John’s breakfast wraps.  There were mimosas too.  Over to the Moorish Room to decorate – the guys had the chair covering duty (did a great job) and the rest of us followed Nancy’s directions.  We had beautiful centerpieces and other touches that Brianna worked up.   The hags had checked in, so met up with them for a cocktail (nice that they came).  3:00 Brooke started with the pictures – (the one above is a sneak peek from her).  Wedding 5:00.  Was a lovely, meaningful service.  Everyone out to the lobby to switch the room, had appetizers and drinks.  Back in the room for the meal (pasta buffet – yum).  Music and dancing and fun to follow.

I’ll add more pictures when I get them.

Me, Diane and Scott



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