Christmas 2015
Upper left – Kim and Scott in Cartagena – Family Pict – front – Chloe, Ollie, Harper, Rowan and Griffin. back – Kim, Scott, Chris, Bree, Dave, Emily, Kate and Jake – Clydie ūüôĀ – bottom right Grands – Chloe, Ollie, Harper, Rowan and Griff

Scott and I would like wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and to take a minute to let you know what we’ve been doing this past year.

We took a Panama Canal cruise with our friend, Jessica.  The picture above(upper left) is us in Cartagena, Columbia on the Segways.  Lots of fun, but we do look like dorks.  the Canal was incredible Рwhat an achievement and amazing that it still basically works the same way it was designed.

As summers go, this one was one of the best and as usual, we had lots of summer fun at the lake. ¬†We’re pretty lucky to have the kids and grand kids so close. ¬†It’s always fun and chaos when they’re around. ¬†A notable achievement – Scott got up on water skis and did a turn around the lake!

On a sad note, we are still missing our Clydie. ¬†He was 14 years old when we had to put him down last July. ¬† His old hips and legs couldn’t hold him up anymore. ¬†He lives in our hearts and on our mantel now.

Scott and I took a road trip to Florida. ¬†We drove my car down and took the scenic route. ¬†It was great covering some states that we probably wouldn’t see otherwise. ¬†I enjoyed New Orleans (Scott not so much) and we both liked northern Florida – the panhandle and the little beach towns on the way south.

We also had fun getting ready for Brianna and Chris’s wedding this past November. ¬†It was a wonderful event and was planned perfectly! ¬†We had such a fun time. ¬†So nice to see family and friends gathered to celebrate with us.

Update on the kids –

Emily and Dave are still in Coon Rapids, both working like crazy and trying to keep up with their 3 kids. ¬†Rowan, is busy with Lacrosse ¬†and basketball – and other 13 year-old stuff! ¬†Griffin (10) loves football, and basketball – he’s a natural athlete and will make us all rich some day ūüôā ¬†Harper (4) is our little sweetie. ¬†She makes my day when I see her.

Brianna and Chris – newly married last month. ¬† ¬†We couldn’t be happier for them. ¬†They are in Hibbing. ¬†They, too are trying to keep up with the kids. ¬†Miss Chloe (16) is now driving and works at Caribou Coffee. ¬†She’s also taking college classes. ¬†(How the heck did that happen so quick?) ¬†Oliver (10) enjoys football, basketball and baseball and really loves to build Lego stuff.

Jake and Kate Рstill in New York City Рthey are both working in the arts.  This year they got an apartment they are calling home, and are loving it.  It was great to see them when they came to the wedding Рwish they lived closer to us!

Our “Duluth fun day” – Ollie, Rowan, Harper and Griff. Enger Tower, Canal Park and Gordy’s in Cloquet.
Harper, Bumpa, Ollie and Rowan
Harper, Bumpa, Ollie and Rowan
Here's our Panama Canal selfie!
Here’s our Panama Canal selfie!
Chris and Bree
Chris and Bree
R.I.P. Clydie
R.I.P. Clydie






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