My $4.99 Nightstand

OK, so I spent a little (lot) more than 4.99 for it, but I purchased it at Goodwill for 4.99.  It was about 4″ too tall and gangly.  Neighbor Bill cut the legs down to normal nightstand height and I went to work.

After her 'leg reduction'
After her ‘leg reduction’
A little Frankenstein table, with a weird laminate top and what I think was a desk bottom. Nice and sturdy with dove tail joints on the drawer

First, I cleaned it up and sanded all the surfaces so the primer could stick.  If you know our condo, you can see I’m working in pretty close quarters in the entry way – more to come on that later!

Primer'd and ready for paint!
Primered and ready for paint!

Home Depot had some silver metallic paint. (Rustoleum) I got the dented can for 6.00.  I was hoping to roll it on so you wouldn’t see brush marks, but not so.  It went on great with a brush – I was extremely hopeful for a quick, cheap project!

After the paint sat overnight, I knew I had to protect this shiny finish, so I brought out my trusty paste wax and began.  Hmmm – It was taking off the metallic paint and making a huge mess!  I wiped it the best I could and was contemplating ‘Plan B’.  Mirrors!!  I could apply mirrors to the top and drawer and all would be good!

Painting is complete
Painting is complete

I went to the glass store and was trying to find the most thrifty way of adding mirrors to this hot mess.  50.00 later, I had ordered the mirrors. Once I got back home, I took another look at the table and kind of liked the striated look – too late – I had already placed my order.  Now to keep the mirror theme going, I went to Hobby Lobby in search of small mosaic mirrors for the edge and trim of the table.  That was only 5.00 and looks pretty cool.  (see picture above)  I also purchased a knob for the drawer.  Yup, that was more than the original table too at 6.00!

Mirrors arrived and installed – project done!  I had them drill a hole in the drawer mirror for the knob I purchased and everything fits great.  (I had a few minutes worry about my measuring skills).

Total cost under 70.00.  I’m calling this Diane’s table, as if she wouldn’t have given such a generous hostess gift of cash, I would have never spent this much!  She sure is pretty now!  Thanks Diane 🙂

What a difference!
What a difference!
Sure is pretty now!
Sure is pretty now!



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